15 June 2012 - Mallory Jubilee weekend

Mallory Jubilee weekend
Despite the typical British weather, CJMX and EASSC’s joint race meeting successfully went ahead at Mallory Park and it was a good turnout for both days. The track held up well considering the amount of rain we had, with suitable adjustments being made to the track to ensure the safety of the younger riders. The disco and barbeque also went ahead on the Sunday night, providing great entertainment in spite of the rain. Trophies went out to the top riders over both days and hole-shot prizes in the second block of racing.
Day 1
Out first to be challenged by the tricky conditions were the Seniors and John Waghorne started his bank holiday campaign in style with a race one win. Ryan Fellows had a superb race to come in second, holding off Ryan Gregory who rode brilliantly in third. Race two and Joe Wright kicked himself into gear as he had a great ride to take the win. Michael Williams followed suit to have his best ride of the day in second, keeping Joe Collier at bay, also having his best race of the day in third. Race three and John was again back on top, rounding off his day with a win. Daniel Clarke managed to push his way into a great second place, with Michael riding hard for third.
Out next were the Open Class and Josh Spinks was untouchable, having three impressive race wins. Brendon Mayers was next through having a great ride in second ahead of Ben Hayward, who had his best ride of the day in third. Shaun Cole upped his game for races two and three to grab two second place finishes. In race two it was Brendon Mayers who fought right to the end to hold onto third place. Race three and Charlie Heatley managed to work his way into third place with an excellent ride.
Aza Pippon was another rider on top form in the AMX as he took all three race wins, although only rode the one day. The riding was close at the front with Damon Wales fighting hard to hold off Adam Mayo for second and third respectively in race one. Race two and Aaron Jenner had an excellent ride to take second place, with Jack Gardner close on his tail in third. The final race saw Damon and Adam battling it out again, with Damon again managing to hold off Adam to finish second, with Adam third.
The Big Wheel 85s next and Connor Hughes was quick off the mark to take the first race win. Tommie Schofield had great day of racing for second, holding off Mitchell Warhurst in third. Race two and Mitchell picked up the pace to take the race win, with Tommie again riding well for second. This time it was Spencer Brooking who had a brilliant race to take third. The final race for day one saw Connor back at the front, fighting hard to hold of Tommie in second. In third place it was Spencer, with another good ride.
Harry Wichman flew in race one of the Small Wheel 85 group to take the race win, with Aaron Gordan in second and JC Verdugo third. Race two and it was again Harry who took straight to the front with Aaron hot on his heels, however this time Brendon Cooper had a brilliant ride to take third. The final race of the day saw JC step it up a gear and take the race win with Dylan Spencer chasing him down in second. Ben Kind also had a really good ride to take third.
The first two races of the Juniors saw three riders dominate the three places. Gary Ashley, Joel Rizzi and Reagan Brooks showed great skills as they came in first, second and third respectively. Race three and Gary again grabbed top spot with an excellent race win. Reagan Brooks picked up the pace as he shot into second place, with Reece Martin breaking up the trio with a great ride in third.
They may not have gears but the auto riders certainly showed guts as they took on the ever continuing showers. Louie Kessell had a dream start with the race one win, ahead of Bobby Bruce in second and Jordan Gull in third. Races two and three saw Bobby Bruce as top dog as he took the race wins. Jordan had a brilliant race two come in second, with Bryn Brooks third. Race three saw a place reversal as Bryn had a great ride to take second with Jordan third.
Day 2
With the weather much improved and the track starting to dry out, day two of the racing went ahead with the Seniors out first on track. John Waghorne was again on fine form on the second day of racing and took all three race wins, ensuring him the overall win for both days. Daniel Clarke continued from where he left off on Sunday to take another second place in race one. There was a new face in the mix for third place with Harry Mills, who had a brilliant start to the day in third. After an unfortunate race one, Ashley Campbell managed to get himself back on track to take second place in race two, with Michael Williams keeping himself in the top three with a third place. The final race of the weekend and Jordan Pasquale managed to finally push into the top three with second after some great, consistent riding, with Ashley rounding out the top three. For the overall from both days Jordan Pasquale took second, with Michael third.
Yet again Josh Spinks had no problem adapting the changing race conditions as he yet again took all three race wins. Shaun Cole again battled well to take second place in race one, with Glen Bixby riding well to finally break into the top three with third place. Races two and three Charlie Heatley round his bank holiday up nicely with two second place finishes, with Shaun finishing well with two third places. Overall for both days Josh took the win, Shaun second with Charlie third.
Jack Gardner started day two of racing brilliantly in the AMX with a great race one win. Damon Wales and Adam Mayo continued their constant battling from day one to finish second and third respectively. Race two and Damon flew round to finally take a race win. As expected it was Adam following him through in second, with Ashley Watt having a great ride in third. The final race and Jack was back on top with the final race win, holding off Damon in a close second. Adam kept himself in the running with third place. Over both days it was Damon who took the win, Jack in second and Adam rounded out the top three.
Conner Hughes continued his winning ways in race one of the Big Wheel 85s, with Mitchell Warhurst also continuing to ride well in second. Jack Edey had a brilliant start to his day as he took third place. Race two and Tommie Schofield had a superb race to take the race win, managing to keep a clear head and hold off Conner in second place. Lewis Dowdeswell had his best race of the weekend to take third place. The final race and Conner secured himself the overall win for both days with a race win, with Tommie hot on his heels in second for second overall. Mitchell did well to come in third place in the final race; however it was consistency that counted as Jay Duperey took the overall third.
The Small Wheel 85s were out next and Aaron Gordon was unstoppable as he took three race wins and the overall win for both days. Jamie Burgees also had a consistently great days riding with three second place finishes. Third place was a lot more undecided with a different rider coming through in each race. James Crissell was the first to fight off the competition to take third in race one. Race two and it was Jayden Wooloff who applied the pressure in third, with Matthew Treen riding hard to take third in the final race of the day. Overall, over the both days, Jayden took second with Lewis Cloud showing consistency counts by taking third.
The Juniors were back out now and Gary Ashley carried on his winning streak with yet three more astounding race wins. Reagan Brooks wasn’t far off the leader’s pace in second place, with Drew Anderson making an appearance with a good ride in third. Race two and Joel Rizzi pushed back into the top three with second place, Drew again taking third. The final race and determination proved successful for Drew as he snatched second place, with Joel close behind in third. Overall Gary took the win, Joel second with Reagan third.
Finally it was the Autos that took to the track and Bobby Bruce didn’t seem at all phased by the tricky conditions as he took three outstanding race wins. Harvey Cashmore held his own as he rode through in second for race one, ahead of Harvey Isborne, who had a great ride in third. Race two and Harvey Cashmore again kept his cool to take second place, this time with Jordan Gull pushing himself to get back into the top three in third. The final race and Jordan’s ever improving day finished well as he took second place, with Harvey Cashmore close on his tail in third. Overall Bobby took the win over the two days, Jordan second with Harvey Cashmore in third.
Well done to all the riders who braved the weather, and also to all the marshals and helpers, without whom the weekend couldn’t have gone ahead.
1. John Waghorne
2. Jordan Pasquale
3. Michael Williams
4. John Measham
5. Josh Tilyard
6. George Pool
Open Class:
1. Josh Spinks
2. Shaun Cole
3. Charlie Heatley
4. Glen Bixby
5. Dean Birkumshaw
6. Chris Keeble
1. Damon Wales
2. Jack Gardner
3. Adam Mayo
4. Ashley Watt
5. Paul Richardson
6. Lewis Rogers
Big Wheel 85s:
1. Conner Hughes
2. Tommie Schofield
3. Jay Duperey
4. Jake Edey
5. Mitchell Warhurst
6. Joshua Keeble
Small Wheel 85s:
1. Aaron Gordon
2. Jayden Wooloff
3. Lewis Cloud
4. Ryan Allison
5. James Crissell
6. Dylan Spencer
1. Gary Ashley
2. Joel Rizzi
3. Reagan Brooks
4. Drew Anderson
5. Aaron Patstone
6. Jacob Bell
1. Bobby Bruce
2. Jordan Gull
3. Harvey Cashmore
4. Tyler Etheridge
5. Carter Howlett
6. Riley Harrison

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