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Motorcross in Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk & Cambridgeshire

ACU Licence form


EASSC Schoolboy Membership form


EASSC Adult Membership form


_______________________________________________________ Booking in will open 1st December 2015

Presentation this year is Saturday 5th December at Waldegraves Holiday Park on Mersea Island. As most of you are probably aware we do like to go for the weekend. Chalets are available to rent for the weekend at a cost of £100 also there is hook up if you wish to take your own camper or caravan. To book either your chalet or pitch please ring 01206 382898 option 1
Times for the evening on Saturday will be confirmed nearer the time.

Ticket Order form






Camping is from 3.00pm and not before. Please do not come and wait in the farm or block the lane as there will be Halsted and our committee members coming and going with machinery. The gates will be closed at 11.00pm if you are arriving after that please close the gate again. When coming through the farm in darkness please dim your lights to avoid shining into the farm house. The speed limit through the farm is 5mph to avoid spooking the animals. Follow the Halsted club motocross signs for the way in.

The prohibited signs around the perimeter of the paddocks and track are to be obey at all times. There is a memorial in one on the fields. Anyone caught outside the paddock , track area or up the lane to the farm will be sent home immediately. There will be no questions asked or excuses on this, you must stay within the track and paddock area at all times.

Signing on and scrutineering will be from 6.00-8.00pm Friday evening and 7.30-9.30am Saturday morning. Saturday evening and Sunday morning signing on etc will be advised after racing on Saturday.

This is a very busy meeting so please park sensibly if we feel you are taking up too much room in a group you will be asked to move closer. As you know litter is an important issue here, there is a skip provided so please use it and clear up around you vehicles when leaving.

Thank you to all the riders that made the long journey to the race meeting at Cusses Gorse, we hope you enjoyed the track and felt it was worth it.
Thank you to Cusses Gorse Mx for allowing us the use of the track
A speedy recovery to Anthony Hylton, Robert Lockwood, Thomas Clarkson, Charlie Rippingham and Gareth Cushion. Hopefully see them back racing soon.
A big thank you to the committee and all the helpers, without their dedication meetings wouldn’t run. A special thanks to everyone who turned up and abided by the rules of the track, although there are a persistent few who still ride in the paddock and left the paddock virtually clear of rubbish so we were able to leave by seven. Our next meeting is on the 17th May at Chippenham I will open the online website booking in on the 27th April this will give all the members that joined this weekend time to register.


Information for this Sunday 12th April race meeting at Cusses Gorse. **
Camping is from 6.00pm please do not arrive earlier than this as there is no where to park and wait. The road leading to the track is not a major road but is still quite busy and its not possible to park on the side. I am informed the police will move you on. **
There are no dogs allowed as it is a designated game bird breeding area.
Pushbikes are also not allowed. No open fires or jet washing in the paddock. An area by their signing on hut has facilities for jet washing but you must bring your own machine and connector. Do not empty oil etc onto the grass. The paddock must be left free of rubbish so I would ask that when you leave you make sure around your vehicle is clean and if you do see rubbish please don’t just walk past it, pick it up and put it in a bin. We will provide a skip. Remember the committee would also like to get home at a reasonable time too. Also do not empty your toilets into the chemical toilets provided or we will be charged, make sure they are empty before you leave home. **
We still require some marshals if anyone is bringing a friend and is able to help out,
please ring or text Donna on 07972030801. **
Signing on is from 7.30pm Saturday night and 7.30am Sunday morning. Practice will commence at 10.00am **
If you still need to book in don’t forget to register yourself or your rider on www.goracemx.com using your ORMS licence number.


I have open up the booking in on https://www.goracemx.com/ for riders to book in with. Please register your rider first though. Thanks
Any problems give me a ring on 07787544418 So don’t automatically think because you’ve done it on FB you are entered.

You will first need to register yourself or your rider, this will then allow you to book into the event.

To register you will need a licence number. If you have received your 2015 ORMS licence, use this licence number. If not I have issued everyone with a Temporary number which you will need to ask me for. For those that received their licence yesterday you will now need to go back and change from you temporary number to your full licence number. You will also need to add your transponder number if you have one.

If you are both a parent rider with a child riding, you need to register as a parent which will allow you to put in the child’s details, there is also an option to say you are a racer too and put in your details. Don’t try to create two different accounts using the same email address as it won’t allow you to. If you are sharing a transponder just enter the number for one rider and leave the other blank, I have all the transponder numbers. The developers are working on a fix for this.

Hopefully when everybody is using this system if will make life much easier for the you and the Competition Secretary as it creates all of the paperwork that is needed.
As an adult rider in the AMX or Open it will not allow you to book in unless you are registered as there is a block on so that non members cannot book in until 5 days before the event.

Non-members wishing to book in, in the AMX or Open class can only book in within 5 days of the event as registered riders have a preference.

Important Notice Please Read **
As we start a new season with a lot of new members we thought that it would be a good idea to state how this Club runs. We pride ourselves on being a friendly club and we do not want to lay down the law all the time but we do expect a standard of behavior from everyone to make life run smoothly and pleasantly. For this reason please observe the following: **
• We do not tolerate abusive behavior to officials of the club.
• We do not tolerate abusive behavior between riders on the track.
• We do not tolerate abusive behavior in the paddock. **
Disciplinary action will follow immediately and could result in you being excluded from the meeting and if considered serious banned from the club. **
Procedures are in place to deal with any grievance and these must be followed. **
Please ensure that your bike(s) and helmet are scrutineered before signing on, this is very important. You will be issued with a ticket at scrutineering that must be handed in when you sign on. No one can sign on without it. **
Do not ride in the paddock. Any rider seen riding in the paddock will be issued with a penalty slip, the penalty will be applied automatically and no discussion will take place. Riding lanes will be provided where possible but these must be used at walking pace. **
No one is allowed on the track without being signed on as an official of the club. Pick ups will be issued with pink bibs and instructions that must be adhered to. Anyone not abiding by the rules will not be signed on at future meetings. **
Signing on will be from 7.30am Sunday morning and we would like to start by 9.00am We will do some signing on and membership Saturday evening from 6.00pm. **
Please make sure your transponders are charged up and on your bikes for practice. Don’t forget to check that the subscription for the year doesn’t need renewing. **
Please note there are to be NO Pit bikes,electric bikes etc from 5.00pm Saturday night as this is when we take over the track and our insurance does not permit the use of these at a meeting. Anybody caught on one will be asked to leave. **


Well the new season is almost upon us. There have been a couple of changes this year regarding signing on and riding in the paddock. You should of all had a letter with your Temp licence, if not the info is below. Please read it. **
The first round is 1st March at Mepal please book in on the booking in page, via the website or ring 07709253536. **
Hopefully there is going to be a new online system for booking in and paying soon. I don’t have the details yet, but as soon as I do I will post them. **
Again this year we will be doing the rent to buy transponder scheme for club members. This works by paying £10 or more a meeting until you have paid £80 and its paid off. You take it home register it to yourself and charge it each race meeting, but it remains the property of Eassc until its paid in full. Alternately you can buy them outright at £75 each. If there is anyone interested in doing this please let me know so I can put an order in.


***There have been a few significant changes that you must be aware of for 2015.* **
It is very important that signing on and scrutineering is completed thoroughly. We know, from our own experience that in the event of a serious incident that involves the insurance companies or an enquiry, that the first thing they will ask to see is our records. **
Our scrutineers tell us that a lot of people do not present for scrutineering in the morning, when required to do so, which then makes it very difficult for us to complete the list before racing starts. **
For this reason we have decided to adopt a new system. When a rider is scrutineered they will be given a ticket which will need to be presented at signing on. Riders will not be able to sign on without it. **
We now have a new rider’s representative, Vince Pryke, who I am sure most of you will know. Apart from his normal role as a club/rider liaison officer his role will include, enforcing the rules of the club within the paddock. **
Riding in the paddock got to be a serious problem last year and it cannot be tolerated. The club does not have insurance for riding in the paddock so any incidence of an accident involving a rider, would fall clearly with that rider or there parents. **
We are introducing a two part penalty slip. From now on if you are caught riding in the paddock you will be issued with a penalty slip. There will be no discussion and the other half will be given to the lap scorers who will impose the penalty automatically. **
With the winter series just about to start, for the second time, we have decided to introduce double points for the last round. We hope this will keep the excitement going and stop numbers dropping off at the end. **
The club championship 2015 will remain the same this year, with races rather than meetings counting towards the championship. There will be 36 races in total with 24 to qualify and 30 to count. If a meeting has to be cancelled we will drop the respective races in proportion. **
We are only going to allow 1 pick up, per rider in the autos and sixty fives only and these will be allocated a fixed position that must be covered at all times. The club will provide other officials who will move around the track as necessary. All pick ups will be issued with a specific coloured bib and must be signed on. No one who is not signed on will be allowed trackside. The club will ensure that there is enough pick ups to cover the whole track. **
Although we allow parents to accompany their riders to the line in the auto group, all parents must be behind the line before the race comes under starters orders. No rider is allowed any assistance or interference during the start. ** **

Well that is the end of the Winter Series thanks you to all those who attended we hope you enjoyed it. We now look forward to the start of the Summer Championship. The first meeting is Mepal on the 1st March. Look forward to seeing you all there for hopefully ( if the weather is kind to us ) the start of a great Summer CC.


Last round round of the ProGreen winter Series is 8th Feb.
With all three meetings to count and double points available for the last round it should keep the excitement going.

Rd 1 11th Jan 2015
Rd 2 25th Jan 2015
Rd 3 8th Feb 2015

These are the dates for the Summer Club Championship 2015 like last year it will be your best 24 races to qualify with your best 30 races counting from the 36 races of the season.
RD1 1st March – Mepal
RD 2 22nd March – Mildenhall
RD 3 12th April – Cusses Gorse
RD 4 17th May – Chippenham
RD 5 14th June – East Trax
RD 6 & 7 25/26th July – Milton Malsor
RD 8 & 9 15/16th August – Wakes Colne
RD 10 20th Sept – Stratford
RD 11 4th Oct – Mildenhall
RD 12 11th Oct – Chatteris
Reserve date 18th Oct
Don’t forget if you require tickets for this years presentation 8th November at Waldegraves Holiday Park you can download the form from the link here. Alternatively you can ring Jean on 01621 740795
Presentation Ticket Form
Well this year seems to have gone quicker than ever and its time already for our AGM!!! We thought we’d try something different from holding it on an evening in the week and have it on the Saturday evening of the Mildenhall meeting at 7.00pm We really need some new blood on the committee otherwise as a club we just stagnate. So if there is anyone who thinks they can help in anyway no matter how small we would appreciate it. You can always call 07709253536 for more information or talk to us at Chatteris this weekend. New ideas, thoughts and concerns are always welcome therefore we would like as many of you as possible to attend this AGM. If its not possible for you to attend you can always email us on info@eassc.co.uk Thanks


EASSC would like to wish all its Team Members good luck for this weekend, but most of all have fun **
Auto Ashton Boughen 83
Auto Bobby Crook 84
Auto Liam Bennett 85
Auto Freddie Pitts 86
Auto Charlie Reynolds 87
Auto Ashden Barlow 88
Junior Alfie Jones 86
Junior Callum Murfitt 85
Junior James Light 83
Junior Shane O’Neil 87
Junior Harrison Forde 84
Junior Tommy Sedgewick 88
SmallW Drew Anderson 85
Small W Tom Murphy 84
Small W Bethany Allison 83
Small W Jordan Styer 88
Small W Tyler Birkumshaw 87
Small W Harry Peck 86
Big Wheel Todd Ritchie 85
Big Wheel Ryan Allison 83
Big Wheel Lewis Cloud 84
Big Wheel Toby Avis 87
Big Wheel Bill Moynes 88
Big Wheel Louis Reynolds 86
Senior Charlie Earley 83
Senior Harry Clark 87
Senior Billy Grant 85
Senior Joe Cornwell 86
Senior Harry Stabielli 88
Senior Spencer Booking 84
AMX Aaron Framingham 86
AMX Cameron Coltart 84
AMX Sean Bardwell 83
AMX Robert Hince 85
AMX Charlie Grant 88
AMX Bill Rothon 87
OPEN Ben Rocks 83
OPEN Harry Moore 85
OPEN Brendon Mayers 86
OPEN Nathan Braithwaite 84
OPEN Paul Barrand 87
Clubman Mark Hawkins 84
Clubman Vince Pryke 88
Clubman Adam Braithwaite 85
Clubman Sid Richardson 87
Clubman Stuart Scott 83
Clubman Chris Hind 86 **
Special Awards From the Wakes Colne 2 Day Meeting 23/24th August 2014”
Des Crooks Memorial Trophy – Luca Manby – Auto No 3
Richard Fitch Memorial Trophy – Leon Hawkins – B/W No 685
Mick Mielier Memorial Trophy – Connor Gilham – Open No 48
John Stewart Memorial Trophy – Nick Jenner – Vets No 142
Auto – Charlie Reynolds – No 122
Junior – Alfie Jones – No 11
Small Wheel – Drew Anderson – No 25
Big Wheel – Todd Ritche – No 51
Senior – Jordan Pasquale – No 9
AMX – Sean Bardwell – No 3
Open – Brendon Mayers – No 50
Vets – Chris Hind – No 101
Other special awards
Chris Bastick’s Training Days were awarded to:
Auto – Lewis King – No 6
Junior – Freddie O’Leary – No 555
Small Wheel – Daniel Tomlinson-Watts – No 774
Big Wheel – Bradley Beaumont – No 24
Holeshot to Win Training Day – Shane Framlingham – AMX No 600
MotoXpro Training Day –Jamie Lagden – Open No 262
MX Training Events 2015 – Tim Parker-Roberts – Vets No 241
Shirt Printing given by Doreen Evans MX shirt Printing , Dirt Decals and EB Racing awarded to
Junior – Shane O’Neil – No 7
Open – James Ranson – No 233
Vets – Adam Braithwaite – No 58
Goggles given by MC Comps awarded to
Auto – Kai Thorpe – No 33
Graphics for neck brace given by SpiralGFX Also Hub Stickers given by SpiralGFX Awarded to
Small Wheel – Rodie Jones – No 26
Graphic Sets given by SpiralGFX, EB Racing and Dirt Decals Awarded to
Big Wheel – Louis Reynolds – No 166
Senior – Phil Mann – No 8
AMX – Daniel Ramsey – No 867
Race Kit Graphics given by Danger UK Awarded to
Senior – Oliver Brader – No 67
Practice Days
Wild Tracks – S/W 85 – James Day – No 119
Washbrook Farm – Senior – Josh Grapes – No 122
Pineham – Open – Harry Moore – No 85
Bestthorpe – Big Wheel – Adam Sheargold – No 80
Mildenhall – Vets – Rob Mortimer – No 77
East Trax – Junior – James Light – No 14
Dunstable MX – AMX – Chris Barber – No 63
Action Park – Auto – Spike Stevens – No 17
Hard Charge Training Day and Trophy given by Gary Linge LTA Awarded to
Auto – Joseph Hawkes – No 60


Unfortunately due to Waldegraves Holiday Park changing the date we have now had to move the Presentation to the weekend commencing 7th November. We apologise for this but it was out of our hands. Anyone wishing to hire a Chalet must ring Sharon on 01206382898 Ext 210 and book it direct with her. These need to be booked ASAP as the camp is still open at that time of the year . Pitches for your caravans and Campers must also be booked through Sharon as well. Any problems let me know. Please share this so it gets around as many people as possible we don’t want anyone to miss out.Thanks

Camping is from 3pm Friday afternoon at Milton Malsor for this weekends race meeting. Please do not arrive before then as you will not be able to get in. Also for those that wish to watch the football late Saturday night the area behind the the start has been designated for your parking. Please do not park any where else in the paddock but here if you wish to watch the football as generators will be switched off at eleven in the main paddock area. **
We will do signing on later Friday evening depending on numbers but will be from 7.30am Saturday and Sunday morning. Practice starts at 9.30am on Saturday and 9.00am Sunday. There are to be no pit bikes quads etc at the venue. No open fires and please be careful with BBQs DO NOT put them in the skip as last time at East Trax someone set fire to the skip doing this!!!! There are to be no tyres put in the skip or rubbish bins you must take them away with you and leaving this site clean is of paramount importance if we want to use the track again, so please either use the skip or take it home. Thanking you all in advance for your cooperation :) :)


Just an update on helmet cameras. You are now allowed to wear them, but they cannot be attached with screws to the helmet. You must not modify the helmet in any way. They can be attached with the sticky pads they come with. When you go to scrutineering take the helmet with the camera attached where it will be checked. A disclaimer form must be filled in and signed, if it’s for an under 18 the parent must sign the form. Thanks


We would like to remind people to please be courteous and considerate to others and turn generators off by 11.00pm and if you are going to party outside to keep the noise down in consideration of the younger children which are asleep.
Can I also remind you to clear the rubbish up from around your campers, skips are provided so there is no need to just drive off and leave it!

The Club Championship criteria is 24 Races to Qualify 30 races to count from the 36 races in the Summer CC

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