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Motorcross in Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk & Cambridgeshire

The second prize was not claimed in the raffle yesterday the Serial number is AB445552 Pink ticket number is 391 – 395 if you have this please let me know.


EASSC are holding a practice day at Wakes Colne on the 5th April from 10am – 4pm. There will be a max of 120 riders and the groups will be 65cc and 85cc Sw& Bw together and Seniors/Adults which will be split into groups according to ability.
To book in please call Juliet on 07810202802 strictly between the hours of 7pm – 9pm week days and all day on Saturday and Sunday. You can send a text or leave a message and your entry will be confirmed. Please leave your Name, age, which group and mobile number. Booking in reserves you a place until 10.30 on the day if not signed on by then your place will be given to a reserve rider. Fees are £30 Adults £25 65&85cc. No licence required, Usual safety equipment is required. MX Helmet, boots, gloves etc. A Paramedic will be in attendance.


This year, as a trial, we are going to incorporate an Twin Shock/EVO class into the Vets group. This group will hereby be known as the Evo class. It is to include any bikes up to and including 1999. We know this is not strictly the year that Evos ended, but next year if it’s a success we will appraise it and make any necessary alterations.
It will be a Championship Class with trophies at the presentation. Unfortunately the Vets must decide whether they are going to be a Vet or an Evo rider on the day, as due to using transponders they cannot be scored in both classes. They can however be entered into both Championships. For riders that are entered into their main adult group but want to ride in the Evo class as well it will cost them an extra £20. For riders that are only doing the Evo class it will be the normal riding fee. This is new territory for us so please bear with us if we don’t get it right straight away and have to make some adjustments.

Information on ORMS UK Semis, Finals and Team Event 2014 **
Affiliated Riders qualify for a place in their group Semi Final on June 8th 2014 via their own Club Championship Qualifiers. Only Fully Licenced Club members may qualify and their points only count from the date they join both club and association.
The Qualifiers will start from the Affiliated Club’s 1st Club Championship date up to and including 11th May 2014. All the riders’ points will be added together and the highest scoring riders from each club then are offered a place in their Semi. Spaces are allocated in scoring order.
Any untaken spaces will be offered to the hosting club to fill with their qualified riders after 31st May. **
The Fee for the Semi Final will be set by the Association. **
East Kent and YMSA Midlands will be hosting 1 of the 2 Semi Events in June. Tracks will be confirmed shortly. **
Semi Final to be run with Transponders and are marshal free. All Association Rules come into force for this event i.e. Outside Assistance etc.
The Association will provide each rider with a memento of the event. **
Obviously the split of riders going to each Semi will depend on how many clubs affiliate and this will be confirmed nearer to May to the clubs.
Each Club has the same amount of riders going to the Semi so no one club is penalised for having low membership. ** **
At This Semi Final approximately the Top 14 from each class are offered a space at the 2 Day Final. (To be reviewed as YMSA Ireland have expressed an interest to be involved with the Semi’s etc). ** **
The Last Chance Semi Final on 13th July will be the same format and is only open to those that have also qualified for the semi’s (even if they did not take up the original offer ). This will be open on a first come first basis.
This is a chance for those that did not originally get through on the day or those that did not qualify a last chance to take part.
The Top 12 (approximately) from each class are offered a space at the Finals. **
We will end up with 40 riders on the start line. **
Clubs wishing to host a Semi Final will be paid a small fee. This cost has been confirmed at £5k each. **
A Director from the Association will be at ALL Semi Finals offering their help and assistance and will be acting as a Steward on the day. ** **
Finals – To be held at – Wildtracks, Chippenham, Cambridgeshire. **
The 2 Day Final (16th + 17th August) will be a grand affair with marquee / disco and further entertainment. i.e. best dressed bike etc.
All riders will receive a small commemorative award with the Trophies for
Auto – All
Junior – Top 25
SW – Top 20
BW – Top 20
Senior – Top 15
AMX – Top 10 + Top 3 receiving Cash Prize
Open – Top 10 + Top 3 receiving Cash prize
Vets – Top 10 + Top 3 receiving Cash prize. **
If possible we will also try to get the WINNER in all groups a main prize (sponsorship allowing) which will be advertised asap. **
The Cost to Enter the 2 Day Final is :- To be confirmed during the Spring. **
Again this event will be transponders and marshal free and will be run by the Associations Main Officers. **
Team Event **
The 2 Day Team Event is on 20th and 21st September at Milton Malsor, Northamptonshire. **
Each Affiliated Club will be offered to send a team of riders chosen from your fully licenced members who have competed in at least 3 of your events during the season up to and including 25th August 2014.
The cost to enter a team is to be confirmed shortly. **
Teams will consist of Auto / Junior / SW / BW / MXY2 / Adult Open Class
Confirmation of how many per team is to follow as this will depend on clubs who wish to send a team. **
There will be a Club Crowned Overall Champions with all their riders receiving an award.
The following 2 club runner ups riders will also receive an award. **
Each Individual Group winning team will also receive an Annual Award i.e. Auto team Shield, Junior Team Shield etc. **
Again this event will be transponders and Marshal FREE and for the first year will be run by the Associations Officers. **
Grand Parade of Riders before racing.
Sponsorship is being sort for this event to keep the cost to the clubs to a minimum.
Each Club will be allocated Racing numbers i.e. East Anglia 1 – 5, Coventry 7 – 11, YMSA Mids 14 – 18. This is so that clubs can get numbered shirts for their riders to wear on the day. All numbers will be confirmed early in the New Year.

At the end of the day, the more sponsorship we can sort the cheaper this event will be for the clubs.
Ideally I would like to make this event fee under £1000 per Club. **
The Winning Club will receive a FREE Entry the following year into the event.

Rules: **
All Clubs MUST be aware they are not permitted to hold a Club Championship race meeting on any of the Semi Dates, Finals and Team Event Dates = 4 Events.
For this year we are allowing Clubs to hold CC rounds on the 6 National Rounds but this will be reviewed for 2015. ** **
The office will be keeping a data base of all riders of when they race at any event during the year and this will be consulted for the Team Event. **
Riders who upgrade will be eligible for the Team Event if they have competed in 3 further events in their new group. ** **
Offroad Motorsport UK is the new name for the existing YMSA Ltd. However, YMSA Ltd will still be the permitting authority for clubs. **
Riders licences will have Offroad Motorsport UK on them, together with the riders details and chosen club. **
Riders can only take part in the extra ordinary events if they hold a Full ORMS UK Licence and Club Membership. **
Riders may take part in the 6 round National Series without an ORMS UK Full Licence but will be required to pay for an additional Day Membership Licence per event. However, all Registered Riders will need the Full Licence and Club Membership. **
ORMS UK licenced riders may use their new licence to attend BSMA Events without having to pay for an extra Day Licence. **
The ACU have decided not to recognise any other association’s licence, you will therefore need to purchase a day licence to take part in their events (same for AMCA, MCF, ORPA).

Just an update on helmet cameras. You are now allowed to wear them, but they cannot be attached with screws to the helmet. You must not modify the helmet in any way. They can be attached with the sticky pads they come with. When you go to scrutineering take the helmet with the camera attached where it will be checked. A disclaimer form must be filled in and signed, if it’s for an under 18 the parent must sign the form. Thanks


We would like to remind people to please be courteous and considerate to others and turn generators off by 11.00pm and if you are going to party outside to keep the noise down in consideration of the younger children which are asleep.
Can I also remind you to clear the rubbish up from around your campers, skips are provided so there is no need to just drive off and leave it!


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